Burger King, Bangkok

Burger King, Bangkok now has a plant based option! It is called the plant based whopper and is served with and without dairy cheese.

Type:  ðŸ”´ Non Vegetarian with very few Vegan options

Price: ðŸ’°ðŸ’°ðŸ’° Moderate

Cuisine: ðŸŒŽ International

Location: 📍DMK Airport, Bangkok – Departures

We were pleasantly surprised to see Burger King’s Plant Based Whopper at the DMK airport.

Classic ingredients and a solid structure made for a good old school burger.

Make sure you mention that you dont want any cheese in it as well as their cheese is not vegan and they serve the plant based whopper with and without dairy cheese. The burger did become a bit too dry without the cheese and there was less mayo than you’d like.

Honestly, I have the same problems with the Vegan burgers that I had with the non-Vegan ones at Burger King – they are just a bit too basic. But for an unexpected airport meal, this did the job! It kept us full till lunch time after reaching Chiang Mai. It is great that these huge chains like Burger King now has vegan and plant based options as this helps making vegan food really accessible everywhere.

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