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Hi, This is Vidhi (VD) and Ritwik (R). We are both designers by profession from Mumbai, India. Both of us follow a vegan lifestyle.

Ritwik, who has been brought up in a non vegetarian Bengali family has now been a vegan since 2016. I was proudly vegetarian all my life and completely unaware about the harsh reality of the dairy industry.Cheese, butter, paneer and chocolate were my favourite food ingredients while growing up. (They still are. I now just have vegan versions of the same). R introduced me to the horrible reality of the dairy industry.

I signed up for Veganuary 2018 – Veganuary is a pledge to stay vegan in January – and let me tell you, I had the most foodgasm-ic January of my whole life! (Thanks to R) He was at time experimenting with making vegan cheese, butter, mayo etc. and these products were so delicious that there’s been no looking back – I have been a vegan ever since.


We were the co-founders of Mumbai’s first vegan restaurant called Imagine Cafe. Both of us together started Imagine Cafe in May 2018. We had an amazing experience running the cafe for 4 years. In December 2021, in the after math of the Covid 19 pandemic, with a heavy heart we had to shut Imagine Cafe .

But this led to the beginning of a new journey for both of us. We started travelling around the world and trying out the amazing vegan food available in different parts of the world. After about 6 months into travelling we thought of starting this blog to document all our vegan food experiences, recipes and a lot more.

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